Story Telling A Mage ~ Oh No My Face

annyeong… annyeong… I’m comeback

aku mau nge-post tugas bahasa inggris tentang story telling, ya awalnya aku gak tau mau nyeritain cerita apa? tapi, karena bapaknya(songsaengnim) bilang boleh bikin cerita sendiri akhirnya aku bikin deh cerita yang judulnya “A Mage ~ Oh No My Face”

sebenernya A Mage ~ Oh No My Face itu ide FF yang pingen aku bikin kkk~~~ jadi aku singkatin-singkatin aja tuh cerita biar bisa hafalin dengan cepat. nah baca aja nih ceritanya

Oh no My Face…

A long time ago in a town, named Waltz, there was a Black mage named Aiden. Black mage is a magic user who specializing in attack magic, or black magic. Black mage are very strong but exceptions to Aiden. He always mispronounces his magic spells.

He has a two best friend, Kris and Calista. Kris is a Red mage and Calista is a White mage. Kris is very genius therefore he included to a rare kind of mage. Red mage is a rare kind of mage because this class can use both Black and White Magic. Calista is someone who has beautiful inside and out therefore she included to a White mage. White mage’s ability is to heal and protect their friend.

Oneday, Aiden trying to give speeds spell to a snail. He was preparing to say the spell “Furnunculus!!!” he said with swinging his wand. The spell doesn’t hit the snail but hit himself and unfortunately Aiden saying a wrong spell. Finally, many ulcers are growing in Aiden’s face.

“Oh no my face!!!” he shouted as he knows that his face was full of ulcers. And then he call his best friend to come to his house. A few hours later his two best friend has arrived to his house. Aiden met his best friend with wearing a scarf to cover his face.

“who are you? I want to meet Aiden, is he was at home?” asked Kris to Aiden. Kris doesn’t know if that person is Aiden.

~~~This story 100% make by myself arra???~~~

“it’s me Aiden.”

“Why you wearing a scarf? Are you got a fever? Or maybe flu? I can heal you if you got a fever or flu.” Said Calista.

“no… I haven’t had a fever or flu right now. If I let this scarf, all of you will be surprised when see my face.” And then Aiden let go of the scarf. Calistha and Kris can only showed their shocked expression.

After that Aiden told his friend everything that was happened to himself. “What is the characteristics of the snail?” asked Calista.

“the snail’s shell were blue with black dots.”

“so that is a Scurenail.” Said Kris.

“huh? Scurenail? What’s that? I’ve never heard about scurenail.” Said Aiden.

“Scurenail is kind of magic snail, the Scurenail’s shell has a shield that can protect him from all kinds of magic.”said Calista.

“so guys, can you change my face back to normal?” asked Aiden.

“sorry I can’t, my White mage level still can’t break the ‘furnunculus’ spell. Maybe Kris can help you.” said Calista. Kris just silent thinking the right way.

“hmm… maybe this can help you. Finite!!!” Kris saying an antidote spell but the spell didn’t work.

“Redocio!!” Kris saying an another spell, but the spell still didn’t work. “Episkey!!!” “Recanto!!” Kris over and over saying a different spell and the results still fails. “I’m sorry I can help you.” Said Kris.

“ah… I found an idea.” Said Calista.

“what is that?” asked Aiden.

“I have a Green mage friend maybe she can help you by make a healer potion for you.” Said Calista.

“ah you right, a Green mage. Why I don’t think like that since last.” Said Kris.

“hahaha… with that potion my face can back to normal right?” Calista just nodded heard the words of aiden. “can you bring that potion tomorrow?” asked Aiden.

“no, I can’t maybe 2 days later I can bring that potion.” Said Calista.

“Revelio!!” said Kris to Aiden.

“Hey what are you doing at me?”

“for a while a give you a spell. so, if there is anyone else who sees you, they will not be able to see all of  ulcers in your face.” Said Kris.

“thank you guys.”

In the afternoon Calista go to her Green mage friend. She ask her friend to help Aiden. Finally her friend start to make some potion. She start input some material into the pot. She said if the potion have been done 2 days later.

2 days later, Calista go to her friend’s house and then give the potion to Aiden. And then Aiden drink that potion. A few minutes later the ulcers began to decrease and eventually disappear from the Aiden’s face. Finally Aiden face back to normal again

The End…


Gimana ceritanya?? kalau mau baca versi indonesianya and lebih lengkap tunggu aja ya sampai aku bikin tu FF….<3 ❤


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